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Poster: MikeJeffs Date: May 18, 2004 12:49pm
Forum: freecache Subject: Bandwith Savings + Questions

I am wondering how much a saving in bandwidth the freecache system can provide on average. Typically the bandwidth I use on my site for videos average (25mb each) averages 1.5gb per day, although this does fluctuate considerably on a day to day basis.

Can more details be provided on how the download source is selected. For example:

The way I understand it, under the system, a visitor may get the file:
-Directly from my site.
-From a cache site.

What determines this?

sorry if any of this is explained elsewhere - I havn't seen anything.

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Poster: sandymac Date: May 19, 2004 4:07am
Forum: freecache Subject: mirror propagation heurstics

I'm not a FreeCache developer so I could be wrong but I'm maintaining a FreeCache mirror and I've observed that FreeCache seems to use heurstics based on the frequency of a file being requested though a url.

A file that is infrequently requested won't get mirrored.

A file that is frequently requested by a group of IPs that are "near" each other will be mirrored at the mirror closest to those IPs.

Hope that helps some

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Poster: gilco Date: Jun 8, 2004 7:19am
Forum: freecache Subject: Re: mirror propagation heurstics

Yes. I look like you are correct. I see the same behavior, but still I am not 100% sure.